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Cement Paint
RAVICEM Super Cement Paint
RAVICO Universal Stainer
RAVICO Acrylic Wall Putty
RAVICO Knifing Paste Putty
Enamel Paints
RAVIBRITE Synthetic Enamel
RAVIBRITE Synthetic Clear Varnish
RAVIOLIN Synthetic Enamel
RAVICO Aluminium Paint
RAVICO Hammertone Enamel
RAVICO Furniture Enamel
RAVICO Floor Paint
Emulsion Paints
RACER Exterior Matt Finish
RAVITEX MATT Exterior Texturised Emulsion
RAVICO Acrylic Washable Distemper
VANAVIL Economy Distemper
RAVICO Metal Primer
RAVICO General Primer
RAVICO Cement Primer (Water Based)
Student Black Board Paint

The company manufactures enamels, primers, acrylic washable distempers and exterior texturised emulsions. These products are marketed through four marketing branches situated at Chennai, Ernakulam, Vijayawada and Madurai. The dealer network of the company consists of 500 dealers.

In addition, we also manufaucture all types of industrial paints and speciality items for various Central & State Government organizations. The Companies brand known as Ravico and Ravitex are well known in the markets of Kerala, Tamilnadu & Coastal Andhra Pradesh and the quality of the products is comparable to the best in the market. The company has a well equipped laboratory to ensure that the quality of the final product is maintained at a very high level.